Insect and Disease Treatment

Insect and Disease Treatment for Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood & the greater Portland Metro

Insect and Disease Treatment Services for Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood & the greater Portland Metro

Insect and Disease Prevention and Treatment

Routine monitoring, trimming and pruning are key in preventing disease and infestation within your trees. It is always better to prevent issues like fungus and insects before they happen. Sometimes though, you won’t realize a tree is in danger until it is already showing signs of distress. In that case your tree may require proactive treatment. Our treatment options are all-natural and work along with our holistic approach, focusing on both the tree and the surrounding environment to determine the best treatment for your situation.

Disease and insect infestation can affect more than just the initially infected tree. Erosion from fungus or insects can spread to nearby plants. Pests like termites and ants can even migrate from infected trees into the structure of your home. 

It is important to treat unhealthy trees in a timely manner to prevent issues from spreading and becoming a much larger issue.

Signs that your tree may be unhealthy and in need of help:

Off-color or deformed leaves

The shape and color of your trees’ leaves can be an indicator of overall health. Even if your tree looks fine to you, a trained arborist may spot abnormalities that suggest possible problems.

Excessive dead spots

While some dead areas can be part of your tree’s typical cycle, extensive dieback or groups of dying branches may mean that treatment is required.

Sunken depressions on the tree trunk

Trees can develop cankers beneath the bark which can block water and nutrients from flowing through the tree. This often looks like a sunken area of the tree trunk.

Black or sticky residue beneath your tree

Some insects can drop a moldy-looking residue after feeding on leaves. If your tree is dripping onto the ground or onto nearby plants, this can be a clear sign of infestation.
Thankfully, our experts are trained to handle disease and infestation at every stage. Our methods look at your entire landscape to both treat existing issues and spot potential future problems.
“Did an excellent job. I've hired other tree contractors before and they have never been able to grind the stump as good as this company did. I would highly recommend them if you need any major brush or tree removal. I will contact them if I need any other trees or bushes removed.”
Brett B.
Dundee, OR
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