Tree Services

Tree Trimming Services for Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood & the greater Portland Metro​

Emergency Tree Service​

The Pacific Northwest is known for its temperate climate and beautiful seasonal changes. Unfortunately it can also bring severe weather. Downed trees and heavy branches can cause extensive property damage and even cause injuries. If you are experiencing a fallen tree, or a tree that appears in danger of breaking, you can rely on Western State Arboriculture for safe and timely emergency tree services.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a dying tree can not be saved despite all efforts. Perhaps you moved into a new home with a tree right where you’re planning to add an extension. Worst case, a tree may already be a hazard or actively causing damage to your property. Whatever the reason, the experts at West States Arboriculture are here to help

Hazardous Limb Removal

Hazardous tree limbs can pose a danger to both people and property, and there are a few ways that branches can become a safety issue. Most obviously, diseased or damaged limbs can break and fall. The worst case is falling limbs injuring people or pets, but damage from large tree branches can also cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

While the words are sometimes used interchangeably, trimming and pruning serve different purposes. Pruning focuses mainly on the current health of the tree, removing any dead, diseased or infected areas. Trimming may include the removal of both unhealthy and healthy branches and foliage with the purpose of stimulating growth.

Stump Grinding

Most tree removal services will cut down the tree but leave the stump and root system behind. When it comes to dealing with the leftover stump, you have two primary options – Stump grinding or stump removal. Stump grinding leaves the roots in place while a machine grinds away the visible stump. Stump removal not only reduces the size of the stump but completely removes both the stump and entire root system.

Cable Bracing

Cable bracing is one of the most common ways to provide trees with additional structural support. Extra support from cabling can help preserve a tree with structural weaknesses, reinforce a tree for safety and risk prevention, or help prolong the life of a damaged tree. It is used on otherwise healthy trees that are oddly shaped or have slight damage or structural weaknesses.

Chipping and Hauling

Tree removal and trimming can leave a lot of debris behind. Our chipping and hauling services clean up your property and save you the hassle of figuring out how to dispose of organic materials. We bring our wood chipper to you for easy breakdown. Wood chips, scraps and leaves can be hauled away by us or kept for use as bark dust, mulch or fertilizer. 

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