Western States Arboriculture

Western States Arboriculture, LLC will handle of all of your tree care needs with timeliness, professionalism, and expertise. We can expertly perform any job from ornamental pruning and plant health maintenance to hazardous limb pruning and large scale removals.

At Western States Arboriculture LLC, we believe that pruning is an art and a science. Pruning not only involves the needs of the plant, but also the client, the property, and the surrounding environment. We approach every job holistically to assure that the work we perform is not only what is best for a particular tree, but is also beneficial to the surrounding landscape and environment as a whole. Whether your tree is a Japanese maple or a southern magnolia, a rhododendron or an old growth oak, you can count on quality, expertise, and diligent craftsmanship.

Although we pride ourselves in preservation, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tree from a landscape. Our climbers are highly technically skilled in these operations. We stress safety and delicacy so our clients can have peace of mind. No matter how large, hazardous, or technical, our technicians are experienced to handle any situation. WSA is licensed, bonded and insured, so rest assured you are in good hands.

Western States Aboriculure is a member of the International Society of Aboriculture and has a Certified Arborist on staff.

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