Additional Services from your favorite Arborist!

Just a few more things our clientele appreciate to keep their trees and plants looking beautiful from Tigard and Tualatin to Oregon City and Gresham.

Additional Tree & Plant Services to keep your home beautiful and safe!

Insect and Disease Treatment

Routine monitoring, trimming and pruning are key in preventing disease and infestation within your trees. It is always better to prevent issues like fungus and insects before they happen. Sometimes though, you won’t realize a tree is in danger until it is already showing signs of distress.


We offer safe, holistic plant and lawn care services to keep your entire property balanced and thriving. Fertilization is key in keeping your trees, hedges and other plants looking vibrant and healthy. A beautiful, healthy lawn can be an oasis for you and your family. A full green lawn accents your home and can increase the value of your property.

Hedge Trimming and Removal

Neatly trimmed hedges can make a huge difference in the look of your overall home and property, not to mention your property value. Regularly trimmed hedges look great while providing privacy and a natural border. Regular trimming improves the health of your hedges. By removing dead and diseased stems and leaves, the healthy foliage is better able to thrive.

Plant Health Care and Maintenance

Our plant health care services combine traditional techniques with a holistic approach towards taking care of your trees and landscape. Along with looking directly at trees themselves, we take the time to assess the surrounding area and consider environmental conditions affecting the health of all of your plants.
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