Our Approach

The Western States Arboriculture Approach

Natural Approaches:

At Western States Arboriculture, we strive to use natural methods for tree care whenever possible. We have found that many trees that appear to be unhealthy and dying can be revitalized simply by pruning and/or utilizing natural fungi for deep root treatments.

Pruning as a Treatment:

Oftentimes, pruning is the only treatment necessary to revive a seemingly unhealthy tree. Pruning to remove deadwood, diseased and crossing branches, and to promote healthy structure has several benefits including increased sunlight to foliage and neighboring plants and trees, protection from decay-producing fungi and increased foliage and flowering.

A Holistic Approach

A tree’s health can also be affected by other aspects of a landscape. Our arborists take a holistic approach by looking at the entire landscape rather than focusing solely on the problematic tree in order to assess the cause of disease and unhealthy trees.

Often a tree’s health can decline because of competing root systems, retaining walls, or neighboring trees that need pruning for light penetration. This means that it is often necessary to prune or remove another tree in order to save the declining tree in question. Our arborist is excellent at knowing which tree work needs to be performed in order for all of your trees and plants to flourish.

Tree Removals

Though we pride ourselves on tree preservation, we understand that it is often necessary or desirable to remove a tree from a landscape. Our arborist is an expert at tree removals and has safely and successfully removed trees of all shapes, sizes, species, and conditions. He has the knowledge and expertise to assess any tree and know the safest, most efficient, and cost effective method of tree removal.